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Quick ways to Set up Your Sympathy Flowers Store

After an easy sign-up process at Sympathy Flowers Co Marketplace, setting up your store will be as quick as possible. Be ready with your personal information, Identification Cards, Bank Details or Paypal Account Info, and your Business’ Social Media Pages to be associated with your Business.

Once all the needed information, social media accounts information, IDs, and bank details are ready, Let’s Get Started.

Steps in Setting Up your store:

After Clicking Register on the Registration Page, you will be on another page where you can easily set up your store.

  1. Store Setup
    • Your Store Logo
      • You must upload your avatar, store logo, and banner. By doing this, you let customers know that these images are associated with your Business. So, when customers see these images, they can easily identify that it is you who they are dealing with.
    • Business Address
      • Check if your address is correct. Modify in case information on the address field is incorrect.
      • Copy the street address and paste it in on the Store Location field, just above the map on the page, and choose the actual location of your store on the suggested address. 
        • Shipping will be computed based on the address that you have pinned on the map.

2. Payment Set-up

    • 2 Payment Methods used by Sympathy Flowers Co
      • Paypal
        • The email address associated with your PayPal account is the only information needed to add Paypal as your payment method.
      • Bank Transfer
        • Your bank details, such as Account Name, Account Number, Bank Name and Address, Routing Number, IBAN, Swift Code, and IFCS Code, are the information you need to provide when choosing the Bank Transfer Method.
      • Make sure that you are entering the correct email address and bank details. Receive Your sales withdrawals involving Sympathy Flowers Co on your selected payment method.
  • Policies
    • Add Your Shipping, Refund, and Cancellation Policies to this field.
      • When you enter your Shipping, Refund, and Cancellation Policies during store setup, you do not have to enter them again while adding your products to your store. Unless, of course, a particular product has a different policy to follow.
      • Every transaction and purchase under your store will follow your shipping, refunds, and cancellation policies.
  • Customer Support
    • Complaints cannot be avoided, especially on services and commodity-type of businesses.
      • Set your contact information where customers can contact you
      • Customers will contact florists not because they have complaints. They will contact you for inquiries, commendations, and all requests for their purchases. 
      • Ensure that information provided in this field is updated and correct.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
    • Keywords are essential when you upload products. It will help your products’ researchable capability and will most likely be part of the result of searches on popular search engines.
  • Social Media 
    • Adding the links to your social media pages in this field will help your brand.
      • Customers who visit your store page at Sympathy Flowers Co have easier access to your social media pages.
      • It can help your brand in increasing your reach.
      • Customers can like, subscribe, or follow your page using your Sympathy Flowers Store page links.

After completing the store setup, prepare to showcase your beautiful hand-crafted floral arrangements and start publishing. Let customers know you are ready to cater to their needs. 

Join Sympathy Flowers Now and make your customers happy!

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