• Mesmerizing Maria

    A vivacious mix of roses, ranunculus, sweet pea, lilacs, viburnums, and cymbidium orchids in eye-popping hues of purple, orange, and white. Full of life and representing everything that is beautiful about life, this vibrant flower arrangement makes an impressive present for special occasions, such as Mother’s Day.

  • White Atwood Orchids

    A gorgeous orchid arrangement featuring white phalaenopsis orchid blooms in high and low style. Pieces of natural white wood make a striking contrast with the long, velvety, and emerald leaves of the orchids. It is presented in a rustic birchwood planter with verdant moss for ground cover.

    All Orchid Republic signature orchid arrangements come with optimal potting material for effortless upkeep. We offer same-day orchid delivery in Atwood and nearby LA and OC neighborhoods.

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