Sell Sympathy Arrangements at a Marketplace

How to Start Selling on Sympathy Flowers Co

Creating a store on Sympathy Flowers Co is very easy: simply register yourself as a Partner Florist to start selling your products online.

Registering as a Partner florist is as quick and easy as counting 1, 2, 3… First, create an account and then fill out your profile information. Next, add some of your products to the catalog. Finally, set up your payment and shipping preferences. It’s that easy! So what are you waiting for? Start selling today! 

Steps to Start Selling Your Sympathy Flower Arrangements on SympathyFlowersCo

Register as Partner Florist:

  1. Go to 
Sympathy Flowers Co Homepage

B. Fill out the information needed:

  1. Username – the recommended username is the name of your store that you’d like to use or something easy to remember.
  2. Email – a working email address is needed to verify your account once you have finished the sign-up process.
  3. First name & Last name – the full name of the Flower shop owner. This is essential information because an image of a valid identification will be requested to be uploaded to make you a verified merchant on SympathyFlowerCo Marketplace. Your registered name should match your identification card.
  4. Store Name – it can be the name of your current business or another name if you fear that using your existing business name will hurt your branding.
  5. Address (House number, street name, city, State or County, Zip Code) – this can be your business address or home address if your flower shop does not have a physical store. Addresses are also needed for you to be a verified merchant at SympathyFlowersCo.
  6. Store phone number – where customers and marketplace customer service associates can reach you.
  7. Tick the box beside Agree (to Terms and Conditions).
  8. Click Register.

C. You will receive a welcome email, which will inform you to click on the “Visit Now” link.

D. Upon clicking on the “Visit Now” link, it will take you to the Customer Dashboard page.

Now you are registered with SympathyFlowersCo Marketplace. Your newly created store will contain necessary information about each item. You can use enticing images of each product and provide more details about the product’s specifications. 

Once you are on the customer dashboard, your menu is on the page’s left side. Clicking on “Dashboard” will take you to the store manager’s page. Now, it’s time to set up your store. Be ready with enticing images, catchy descriptions of your flower arrangements, prices, shipping information, such as the weight and dimension of the sympathy arrangement. These are the basic information needed to upload your products.

  1. Set up your store

    1. Click on “Dashboard” to go to your store manager page.
      1. Click on the light blue icon on the right-hand corner of the page with a drawing of a box to add your sympathy flowers.

B. You can also use the products menu and click on “add new” to upload your sympathy flowers.

    1. Upload enticing images and create catchy descriptions for your sympathy flowers.
    2. After adding all your sympathy arrangements, you are now ready to accept orders from your customers.

Sell your Sympathy Flowers to Customer in SympathyFlowersCo Marketplace

  1. Check your store manager page for any notification of orders on your sympathy flowers.
  2. Fulfill orders received
  3. Ship or deliver orders to the recipient.

Add your sympathy arrangements to your store and start receiving orders! Start connecting with your customers in no time. Sign Up Now!

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