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How to Select the Right Sympathy Flower to Give

When someone experiences the loss of a loved one, it isn’t easy to know what to say or do. We all know that flowers are the perfect way to show our sympathy for grieving, but it can be hard to choose the right kind of flower. Flowers can be a great way to show your support and sympathy. However, with so many different flowers available, it can be tricky to choose the right one.

There are many reasons to send Sympathy Flowers for someone who lost someone. Choosing the right sympathy flowers to give is essential because the recipient is grieving, and something that can help cheer them up will be greatly appreciated. Sympathy flowers can be for friends, family, colleagues, your boss, or even your church-mate. 

Here are some tips to help you select the right sympathy flower:

  • Determine if the family wants to receive flowers. 

Sympathy Flowers may help them feel love, care, and support, but you need to check if they are ready to receive flowers. Some families may not appreciate flowers during their grief. They might appreciate it more if you could extend a helping hand during the funeral. Or by just being there for them during the most difficult time of their life will be more appreciated.

  • Consider the recipient of the flower arrangements that you will be giving.

For the deceased’s family, a vase arrangement is a perfect choice to convey your love, care, and support. A vase arrangement is a group of flowers designed into a container, which may be displayed. It comes in a vase, box, ceramic, basket, or container. By giving sympathy flowers, you can tell them that you care, love, and support them during their time of grief.

If you are giving flowers for the departed, there are several types of sympathy and funeral  arrangements that you can choose.

  • Standing Spray

It is a floral arrangement designed and displayed on an easel. These are not sent to the deceased’s home but are usually sent to the funeral home or the venue. They can be in the shape of a wreath, a more simple bouquet, or a symbol, like a cross, heart, star, or letter. These are usually displayed around the casket or at the venue entrance. 

  • Casket Spray

It is similar to standing sprays, but it is placed on top of the casket rather than standing up. The casket spray is also ordered by or for the family. It is also ordered by the funeral home when included in the service that they offer.

  • Floor Bouquet 

It is a floral arrangement displayed at the funeral that other family members, friends, co-workers, and others send to the family. It sits on the floor with the other sympathy arrangements around the casket.

  • Funeral basket 

Like the floor basket, it’s often smaller and includes simple cut flowers. In simple terms, these are flower arrangements in a basket.

  • Wreaths and garlands 

The flowers are arranged into circles that are displayed at the funeral. Wreaths may be designed on an easel or a hanging piece. At the same time, Garlands are rope-like arrangements without a definite shape and are hung around the venue or wrapped around the casket. These types of arrangements are for the deceased. The family or the funeral homes ideally order garlands and Wreaths.

  • Floral art 

Another type of funeral flower arrangement that the family or the funeral home orders. Unlike wreaths, this comes in different shapes and is also hung at the venue or standing by the venue entrance. It may take center stage as a standing spray or casket spray, or it might sit off to the side on a table or display.

  • Types and Color of Flowers to include in the arrangement 

Many kinds and colors of flowers are included in a sympathy arrangement. Evaluate the symbolism, meaning, and uses of these flowers included in the arrangement that you’ll send to the funeral. Flowers have symbolism and meaning. Its color has its own meaning, as well.

For Example:

  • Tulip (other colors) means Perfect Lover, Fame
  • Tulip (Red) means, Believe Me, Declaration of Love
  • Rose (Hibiscus) means Delicate Beauty
  • Rose (Pink) means Perfect Happiness, and Please Believe Me
  • Rose (Red) means love, and I Love You
  • Rose (Tea) means I’ll Remember Always
  • Rose (Thornless) means Love at First Sight
  • Rose (White) means Innocence and Purity, and I am Worthy of You, You’re Heavenly, Secrecy, and Silence
  • Rose (White and Red Mixed) means Unity
  • Rose (Yellow) means Decrease of Love, Jealousy, Try to Care
  • Think What Makes the Recipient Happy, Cared, and Valued

If a friend or family who is close to you loses someone dear to them, you may consider the kind of flower that you will give. Try to recall their favorite flower and the color of flower that they want to get on a regular day. It may help brighten their day during their grief, but you also need to check the meaning and symbolism of these flowers for death and sympathy because it may convey a different meaning to them. 

  • Consider what Flowers will bring them.

You need to check if any family member has allergies or is sensitive to any flower before you send sympathy arrangements to the deceased’s family. These kinds of flowers can be requested to be not included in the arrangement you are planning to give to the deceased’s family.

Sympathy flowers are a touching way to say goodbye and commemorate a loved one. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your choice, but there are some considerations to make when purchasing these arrangements. Know their meaning and symbolism, what color best reflects the feelings you want to convey if allergies or sensitivities come into play and whether you want something classic or modern in design. 

If all this seems like too much work or you require more information before deciding which arrangement would be appropriate for the deceased’s funeral service, Subscribe to our Newsletter to help guide you through the process from beginning to end! 

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