How to End Fear of Hurting Your Brand in Selling Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

So, you want to learn how to overcome the fear of selling funeral flowers. I’m here to help. I’ll be honest. Funeral flowers are considered a luxury item because they can’t usually be justified spending money compared to other unreasonable expenses within the funeral itself. And funeral flower sales often cause grief or guilt. No one wants to feel like they’re taking advantage of someone else’s loss. But there are ways you can alleviate these fears and sell funeral flowers with confidence.

Here are some steps to take:

  1. Understand What is Causing the Fear

It’s entirely natural for florists to be afraid to sell sympathy flowers because this might hurt their brand. Funerals are always an incredibly emotional time, and everyone has their feelings about what makes them feel better during these times. Funeral flowers are often given to convey the sympathy of the giver or express condolences for the loss of life. Funeral flowers can also serve as a remembrance, something to brighten up the family’s home after they’ve lost someone dear to them. 

  1. Pinpoint The Source Of The Fear

Let’s face it. Funeral flower sales are not always easy, and you may feel like you’re pestering people into buying funeral flowers just because everyone else is doing it when in reality, funeral flower sales are never an obligation. Funerals are planned by a funeral director involved in many funeral activities, which is pretty cumbersome, thus creating a void in having dedicated attention to making final flower choices. Anyone within the family or funeral can choose funeral flowers to suit the occasion. Funeral directors have a lot of understanding of funeral flower sales. They will do everything from suggesting flower options from specific florists to even selling funeral flowers themselves if the family wants.

  1. Determine How To Overcome That Fear

Once you understand what is causing this fear, it’s time to take action and defeat that fear by doing something.

Here are some helpful tips on how to sell funeral flowers:

  • Remember that funerals don’t need flowers, but people grieving within a funeral do.
  • Offer ideas on what types or colors of funeral flowers will suit each funeral.
  • Don’t be pushy. Funeral flowers are not an obligation.
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  • Funeral directors will recommend specific florists for funeral flowers if you mention the funeral’.
  • Make yourself available for funerals at any time so your business can benefit from the added exposure.
  1. Take Baby Steps in Overcoming That Fear

Once you’ve decided to overcome that fear, start small by offering one funeral flower option per funeral without pushing yourself onto them. Once you become confident with the idea of selling funeral flowers, feel free to provide more than one option. If someone decides to buy funeral flowers from you, make sure they get their flowers on time and only collect payment after the funeral home has received funeral flowers, so you don’t have to worry about them being late.

  1. Seek Support From Others Who Have Conquered This Fear

If you feel like your fear is a little too intense and pictures of funerals freak you out a little bit, reach out to those who can help support you. Funeral homes offer support from directors and colleagues in the funeral service industry who have made funeral flower sales before or know how they work. You won’t be alone as long as some who have overcome this fear stand beside you.

  1. Celebrate Your Success

Once you’ve overcome that funeral flower fear and sold some funeral flowers, you should celebrate your success. Funeral flower sales are a lot of work, and it’s nice to take a moment to appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in. It can also be beneficial to join an online funeral forum or funeral group that has been through funerals before and can give suggestions and shares their own stories with you.

If there is one thing we know for sure, people love to buy sympathy and funeral flowers. It doesn’t matter if you own a flower shop or work as an independent florist; the demand is high enough now that you can make money without hurting your brand by selling these products. That’s why we’ve created SympathyFlowerCo with information on how to register as a partner florist so you can start getting sales from customers who want floral arrangements for their loved ones’ funerals and memorial services. 

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