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Easy Steps to Become a Partner Florist at Sympathy Flowers Co

As a florist, you tend to be cautious in joining marketplaces to sell your floral arrangements. You probably fear that your hard-earned investment in putting up your florist business will go to waste. And instead of you earning more than usual, the Marketplace will instead make more than you who invested time, effort, energy, and money in making your business succeed.

A Sympathy Flowers Marketplace that values florists and customers is here to change and break the traditional deduction of commission from the Florist’s earnings. Sympathy Flowers Co is a marketplace that implements the non-deduction of Marketplace Commission from the Florist earrings. Helping people is the primary goal of Sympathy Flowers Co. 

To be part of Sympathy Flowers Co is very easy. The sign-up process will not let you spend a lot of time creating your store to sell sympathy arrangements. The Sympathy Flowers Co Team will ensure that your store is working and ready to showcase sympathy arrangements to customers who wish to send some love and care to their friends and loved ones who have lost someone.

Steps to Become a Sympathy Flowers Co Partner Florist.

  1. On your browser, go to the web address

2. Select Become a Partner Florist and click Sign Up Now on the Next page to reach the registration page.

  1.  Fill out the information needed on the registration form.
  2. You can use your name or your business name as the username. This data is essential because you will log in to your seller count utilizing the information that you have provided
  3. Make sure to use a valid, working, and updated email address. You will receive notifications of customer orders on your store and other communications from Sympathy Flowers Co on your registered email address.

4. Select a Store Name that is catchy and easy to remember. Remember, it is always the store’s name that customers will keep on remembering, especially when they receive a great product and good customer service from your store.

5. Your business address is a must in signing up. To receive the correct shipping fee, you must ensure that your address is valid.

6. A business phone is as essential as your address. Customers, Sympathy Flowers Co Team, and couriers will be reaching you through this phone. It may be for inquiries, bookings, and orders.

7. You must select a password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess. Sympathy Flowers Co suggests that your password consists of at least 1 Uppercase, Lowercases, Special Characters, and Numbers. Protect your Florist Store. Every transaction with customers and Sympathy Flowers Co Admins is inside your store manager account.

When done registering, you will receive a welcome email from Sympathy Flowers Co, and you can immediately set up your store on your Store Manager page. 

Being part of Sympathy Flowers Co will allow you to enjoy the benefits that Sympathy Flowers Co offers.

Here are the benefits of joining the Sympathy Flowers Co Family:

  1. Your income is safe. Sympathy Flowers Co will NEVER deduct a commission from your earnings.
  2. Signing up as a Partner Florist is FREE. Sympathy Flowers Co will NEVER ask you to pay a subscription fee. You have the liberty to sell your sympathy flowers in the Marketplace.
  3. Additional Avenue to show customers your beautiful arrangement.
  4. You have the freedom to manage your domain, and Sympathy Flowers Co never requires you to transfer your business domain management. The earnings on your website are 100% yours.
  5. Free Marketing. Sympathy Flowers Co has its social media platforms where content posting occurs daily. Florists’ stores and products are featured on the posting that Sympathy Flowers Co publishes. An additional Audience for your business, and you did not spend a penny for the promotion of your business. All you did was sign up to become a partner florist.
  6. Free Digital Product Catalog. Sympathy Flowers Co will provide your store catalog for your sympathy flowers. Another savings for your business because you do not need to hire and pay people to have a digital catalog to send to your valued clients. Sympathy Flowers Co will provide it at no extra cost.

A hassle-free sign-up and a lot of freebies? What are you waiting for? Become a Partner Florist at Sympathy Flowers Co to enjoy these fantastic benefits.

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