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Earn More with Sympathy Flowers Co

Did you know that your flower shop can earn more by joining a Sympathy Flower Marketplace as a seller?

Here are the benefits of joining SympathyFlowersCo:

  • Create your sympathy flower store easily
  • Immediately start selling sympathy flowers at SympathyFlowersCo
  • Showcase your flowers and arrangements without fear of hurting your brand
  • Promote your products through social media pages, accounts, and groups by featuring your products

The newest Sympathy Flowers Marketplace that focuses on selling sympathy arrangements is here to help you earn more. SympathyFlowersCo will provide you with a seamless registration process, manageable steps in onboarding you as a partner florist, and easy steps to set up your store to start selling your sympathy flowers.

How SympathyFlowersCo can help increase your sales:

  • By selling sympathy flowers on our Marketplace; 
  • By promoting your products and store on our social media pages
  • By bringing in customers to purchase sympathy flowers through marketing campaigns and social media traffic

What are the benefits of being a merchant in our Marketplace? 

What are the benefits of being a merchant in our Marketplace? 

  • Create your own store on SympathyFlowersCo.com
  • Setting up your store is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3
  • Retain control of your store’s Website.
  • Unlike other Marketplaces, Sympathy Flowers Co will not ask for access and control over your business website, and you have 100% control over it.
  • A perfect avenue to showcase all your beautifully crafted Sympathy and Funeral Arrangements
  • SympathyFlowerCo Marketplace is only selling sympathy arrangements.
  • Gain more exposure thru our social media pages & accounts 
  • Our social media management team will feature your store and your products on our social media posts through our social media pages and create articles that may feature your SympathyFlowersCo Marketplace Store and floral arrangements.
  • We also give ideas on how to improve your product images to increase conversions.
  • Showcasing your product with beautiful images will entice customers to purchase your flower arrangements.
  • Sell your sympathy flowers to a specific market.
    • SympathyFlowersCo focuses on selling Sympathy and Funeral Arrangements.
    • Our target market is individuals who want to show that they care and extend their condolences to someone who lost someone and individuals or families who lost someone special and dear to them.

By registering on the SympathyFlowersCo., you can start earning revenue by delivering sympathy flowers to people that need them most. The best part about this opportunity is that registration is free and easy for any florist to join! 

What are you waiting for? Join Sympathy Flowers Co now!

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