Delivery Policy

The most quintessential part of selling a flower arrangement is “delivery” to the customer. Because the customer is everything, any hiatus in this substantially critical phase will result in a win or a loss of a customer/ customer relationship and will have a direct impact on the revenue.

Hence, it is important to follow industry standard policies to avoid potential pitfalls. In the process, not only will you build a strong customer relationship, but will also garner strong reviews.
At Sympathy Flowers Co, we give immense importance to strong quality control protocols; any lapse will result in violation of our terms and conditions and could significantly affect your ranking or participation in our marketplace.

Delivery zones

Make sure that you are creating delivery zones to only the area that you are catering to. Ensure that you are cognizant about holidays, traffic challenges such as road closures, etc to make sure that your zones are not affected. If you foresee any changes, make necessary updates in your settings. Reselling of orders originating from the Marketplace is not permitted, this is considered a breach of contract as it violates our Terms and Conditions and will result in immediate termination of contract and hence removal from the Marketplace.

Communication Plan

Communication of delivery is very critical. Confirmation of your delivery to the customer should be made by changing the status withing an hour only after a successful delivery (drop-off). This will trigger an email letting the sender know their gift has been delivered. Ensure not to update the status prior to delivery or an hour later.

Call the recipient, sender, or (as a last resort) Sympathy Flower Co if you are facing any challenges such as:

  • Running late.
  • Delivery was unsuccessful due to unforeseeable conditions.
  • Cannot comply with the directions in the special instructions.


Do not burden the customer with unreasonable shipping fees. Based on several research done in the market, this is considered to be one of the key factors which drives the customer in proceeding to checkout. Hence, Keep your fees reasonable.

If you cannot deliver to an area for less than $15.00, consider eliminating that zone from your list of options. Consolidating routes and lowering your fee will not only drive sales volume up and reduce your costs, it will help you appear higher in Sympathy Flowers Co Marketplace result pages.


At Sympathy Flowers Co, customer comes first. Which means we give the highest priority to providing valuable service. Hence it is important for you to perform due diligence to understand your customer and his/ her needs with respect to their delivery. This will eventually make for an efficient service and will drive your sales in the long term.

Some of the key things to follow are:

  • Understand the customers priority. Plan way ahead of time. Take notes of customer’s preferences. Servicing funerals are very sensitive aspects of life so ensure to be very attentive and detailed in your understanding of the customer’s needs in terms of delivery. Be on point with respect to delivery instructions. Ensure to validate with the customer if required.
  • Only hire or contract professional, courteous and presentable delivery drivers. They are your representative in the field and, in some cases, the only staff member your customer will ever meet.
  • If you foresee missing a delivery or were unable to fulfill your delivery due to unforeseeable conditions, call the customer contact right away and provide heads up and work on an alternate solution to deliver.

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