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Benefits of Signing Up as Partner Florist at SympathyFlowersCo

Are you a florist looking for new opportunities? Sign up as a partner florist at SympathyFlowersCo! We offer our partner florists great benefits, such as increased exposure and access to our large customer base. Plus, we’re always looking for talented florists to join our team!

Sympathy Flowers Co has become a one-stop-shop for flower arrangements and plants. As a result, we’ve seen a surge in the number of florists who have partnered with us. We’re happy to see so many talented florists join our team, but we wanted to take a moment to explain why partnering with SympathyFlowersCo is such an advantage for florists.

Do you already own a flower shop but are looking for another way to promote your sympathy arrangements online?

If so, becoming a partner florist with Sympathy Flowers Co is the perfect opportunity. Whether you’re starting or have been running a successful small business for quite some time, partnering with us means increased exposure for your business. 

As a Sympathy Flowers Co. partner florist, you’ll be able to offer your customers quality sympathy flowers at affordable prices without having to worry about taking orders and dealing with the financial side of running a flower shop. 

The setup process is simple, and by becoming a partner florist, you can grow with us as we expand into new markets. We will promote the products or services you offer through our website and social media so that more potential customers become aware of them, and we’ll help you drive your sales!

As a Sympathy Flowers Co. partner florist, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • No Commission

What does this mean? We won’t take any commission for every sympathy flower ordered by your customers via our online ordering platform. This way, all the money goes towards covering costs and delivering quality arrangements

  • 24/7 Order Tracking

Whenever an order comes through our online platform, we send out an email notification with tracking information, so you’ll know when the delivery has been made—no more wondering what happened!

  • Our Secure Online Florist Platform

Not only can your customers use this system to place orders for same-day flower delivery, but they’ll also be able to conveniently check out using online payment like credit cards and PayPal.

  • Exclusive Support From Our Team

Our support team is available to partner florists via phone and email. No matter what kind of questions or concerns you have, someone will address them.

  • Investment Necessary

All you need to provide are your personal information to sign-up, images of your beautifully crafted sympathy arrangements to set up your store, and your time, passion, and dedication to serving those customers who need sympathy flowers.

If you’re looking for a new way to increase your sales and attract more customers, becoming a partner florist at SympathyFlowersCo is the perfect solution. We offer our partners top-of-the-line marketing tools, access to our massive customer base, and much more. Ready to start reaping the benefits? Join us today!

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