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who we are

We are a team of empathetic flower enthusiasts with business acumen. Sympathy Flowers Co. is a manifestation of our passion for helping people share their pain, spread sympathy, and deliver peace.

With the support from our experienced and dedicated florists, we have built this platform to help people in times of sorrow by connecting them with some of the city’s best florists. Taking care of everything, from flower delivery to the set up and even cards, we take the inconvenience out of floral delivery and arrangements.

Leveraging our state-of-the-art ecommerce tools and insightful support, we are empowering all local florists into starting, scaling, and expanding their business, reaching more customers and multiplying their revenue.

What Led Us into Laying the Foundations of Sympathy Flowers Co.

We have seen people worrying about their flower arrangements in time grief. And we have witnessed florists share their bills instead of sympathy, love, and support with these people.

On the other hand, we have met with florists eager to reap the benefits of the internet world and channel their desire for helping people but are afraid of the technicalities of setting up an online store.

Our desire to share grief and commitment to help people be there for their loved ones compelled us to lay the foundations of Sympathy Flowers Co., an online marketplace dedicated to taking your distress away and managing your floral arrangements for you.

With Sympathy Flowers Co, we connect you with compassionate florists who know your requirements and, more importantly, understand your emotions, shaping their offerings accordingly.

With this platform, we have taken care of all the technical aspects of ecommerce, so the local florists can reach more customers and expand their business online, even if they have no technical knowledge.


“We do not seek to fleece that humane of values: compassion !”

We are a duo of non-compliant mark-up gambit baiters, who do not cultivate the flowers you buy with your worth, but are true purveyors of the value judgement: flowers enliven the & en- ennoble the human spirit of compassion !

We engage all cultivators who value compassion than con-passion ! Amen

“We pray the love of God enfolds you during your journey through grief. We send you thoughts of comfort.

Losing someone you love is not easy

Let us help you arrange for flowers, guest list, welcome card, program list and thank you card.

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